| October 6, 2016 | Calendar

An exciting new collaboration with The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and the Southwest Shakespeare Company will bring special performances to Taliesin West this coming winter and spring. The “Standing O” series will feature Midwinter Nights Dream and Wittenberg performed live in the unique Pavilion Theater, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Wittenberg is a highly entertaining and intellectually satisfying performance. It takes place in October of 1517 in northern Germany as the characters of Hamlet, his mentor John Faustus, and Faustus’ colleague and Hamlet’s instructor and priest, Martin Luther, all collide in a brilliant theatrical construction.

This is the beginning of what we hope will be a rebirth of Taliesin West to be more in line with what Frank Lloyd Wright intended: a living space where creative work (art, architecture, music, theatre, and dance) is presented and celebrated.

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