WELL Designed™: Creating Healthy Homes, Healthy Lives and a Healthy Earth

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Luxury and livability do not have to be sacrificed for sustainability.


“Your home can be any style, from traditional elegance to modern minimalism, and still be healthy and sustainable,” says Tanya Shively, ASID, principal of Scottsdale’s Sesshu Design Associates and one of the Arizona’s first LEED-accredited interior designers.

For more than two decades, she has completed large and small renovations as well as whole homes based on her “WELL Designed” principles.

“WELL” combines Wellness and Wellbeing, Eco-consciousness, Luxury and Livability. “The concept is that we design your home to support how you want to live, with special attention to creating a healthy home for your family. The win-win of choosing materials that are better for your health and respectful of the planet’s resources is our overarching mission,” Shively explains.

Her WELL Designed™ philosophy is consistent with LEED and ENERGY STAR® certifications but extends beyond these. “‘WELL Designed’ takes the idea of living well into emotional concepts of wellbeing and wellness, which rating systems do not address,” she says.

“Recent events have caused people to realize just how important their health is and also how their living environment can impact and affect both their physical and mental wellbeing,” she says. “Our homes are truly our sanctuary and refuge from the world, and creating a space which lifts your spirit and functions throughout your daily activities is something we all deserve.”

For years, clients have been asking her for exercise rooms, and she expects that meditation rooms and dedicated offices will become more popular as a result of the pandemic, with people staying home more and reconsidering their living spaces.

Nontoxic materials are frequently requested, as is good ventilation, extensive natural light and a connection to nature through courtyards, fountains, plants and plant walls. Regular checklist items are the best contemporary appliances, with ENERGY STAR® certification, and Smart home technology to monitor and control the home for comfort and utilities savings.

The New Luxury


Luxury is not just the best things or the finest technology; it’s the best lifestyle you can create for yourself and your family. Luxury is wellness and wellbeing, the joy you feel in your space, sharing with family and friends, the connections you feel with them and the world around you.

Shively explains, “Using the best quality materials you can and incorporating timeless design reduces the need to renovate down the road and reduces the amount of stuff going into landfills.”

Whatever the size of your home, your health in it –– for you and your family–– is paramount. “When planning your newbuild or renovation, don’t make that an afterthought,” she says.

“In time spent and cost, it’s best to start with the healthy design up front rather than adding it later in the process. And, be sure the team you hire is well versed in healthy design and can meet all your desires and goals.”

Tanya Shively is available at 480.275.2968, [email protected], Facebook.com/sesshudesign and through sesshudesign.com.

Photography by: Sesshu Design Associates