Three's Company

BY Jessica Dunham | May 7, 2018 | Feature Features National

The menu at TRES in Tempe is a love triangle of options.
TRES allows you to build your own artisan meat and cheese board.

When Goldilocks visits the three bears in the classic fairy tale, she searches for that which is “just right,” whether it’s the size of a chair or the temperature of porridge. In today’s world, Goldilocks could have skipped the bears’ house and headed straight to TRES, Tempe’s newest eatery. Here, diners can indulge in one of three ways: small tasting plates with tapas; medium plates with salads, sandwiches and more substantial portions; or large sharing platters perfect for groups. See? Just right. The cuisine is a blend of robust Southwestern flavors and light, bright, healthy Mediterranean fare. “Our paella Valenciana ($69) pays homage to a classic Mediterranean dish,” says executive chef Steve Zimmerman. “We combine chunks of lobster, jumbo shrimp and mussels with chorizo and chicken over calasparra rice.” The dish is cooked in the centerpiece of TRES, a giant wood-burning stove. Snag a seat at the lively bar with views into the open-air kitchen—not only to soak up the restaurant’s chic design with its cool blues and airy feel, but also to see and be seen. Bring friends to share a charcuterie board ($27 to $46) and toast a cocktail ($12) or two—er, three. 7192 S. Price Road, 480.897.5300

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