The Art of the Bar Cart

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In Partnership with Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel


It’s only getting colder and given the current circumstances, even the most popular of friends and neighbors are likely not out socializing this holiday season. Therefore, now is the time and opportunity to tackle a gratifying and (quite) useful home entertaining and design project: the Bar Cart.

Mastering the decor, style and contents of your ideal bar cart is a craft to be perfected—an art form really—as your bar cart display can be fluid depending on your mood, seasonal cocktail choices, and current design preferences. And like art, it’s an investment piece and ideal for exhibiting (and storing) bottles, transporting ice buckets or even as a retro design piece to enhance a dining room, living area or entertaining space.

Here’s your guide to perfecting this art form:

Land your style: Presentation is everything, and the bar car needs to complement your overall design choices whether it be Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern, Old Hollywood, Bohemian, Industrial, etc.

Location is everything: Dedicate a specific area of your home to artfully displaying the bar cart, preferably an uncluttered space to designate as your special bartending space.

Bar Menu: Let your cocktails determine your spirits of choice. And have a starter kit for your go-to drink of choice. Need an idea? We are digging Manhattans right about now, see here for the recipe [link to JDSB Holiday Craft Cocktails to make @Home).

Pro tip: Every expert bartender knows to face the bottle labels out (even when pouring) so that guests know what they are being served.

Spirit to Sip on: All bar carts require at least one premium spirit to sip on. Our choice: Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select. Bottled at 94 proof, this premium signature style from Jack Daniel’s layers in subtle notes of caramel and spice combined with bright fruit notes and sweet aromatics for a one-of-a-kind Tennessee Whiskey flavor and perfect for sipping.

Bar Books: Last but certainly not least, a short stack of literature or a few beautiful hardcover bartending books can enhance any bar cart. You will add a level of sophistication and have inspiration on hand for future cocktailing recipes.

Celebrate winter responsibly; written in partnership with your friends at Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel .

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