Stephanie Little Offers All-Natural Beauty Products at Vibe Botanics

Teresa K. Traverse | May 28, 2019 | People


After 18 years as a hairstylist, Stephanie Little needed a change—and change she did. She transformed her Old Town Scottsdale salon, Karma, into Vibe Botanics—a bath, body and beauty boutique that stocks her own all-natural, plant-based concoctions, 95 percent of which she crafts by hand. “I’m passionate about developing clean, organic beauty products that benefit inner wellness and outer beauty,” Little says.

Products range from facial oils and serums to moisturizing body bars and hydrating after-sun mists. Little’s creations are a blend of essential oils, flowers, beeswax and honey. Some ingredients are imported from exotic sources, like sandalwood oil from trees in Australia and India, and lavender from France. And in keeping with her organic motif, her packaging—glass, paper or tin—is entirely recyclable. “This is about self-care,” she says. “It really is about nourishing the body as a whole wellness system.” 4225 N. Marshall Way, Ste. 1

Flower Power Facial Roller
Roll this dark-blue facial oil blend ($29) of seven exotic flowers including blue tansy, ylang-ylang and jasmine to moisturize and rejuvenate skin.

Rejuv Facial Oil + Sandalwood
Massage this blend ($36) of sandalwood and botanical extracts into your face, neck or chest to generate new skin cells, moisturize and reduce inflammation.

Floral Essence Facial Steam
Pour hot water into a bowl filled with this colorful product ($24), and let your skin soak up steam from a soothing blend of 11 flowers intended to hydrate and reduce inflammation.


Photography by: Scott Foust