Samantha Capaldi is the Valley's Premier Millennial Sommelier

BY Nora Burba Trulsson | October 23, 2018 | Feature Features

At 23, an age when most millennials are still trying to find themselves, Samantha Capaldi discovered her passion (wine) and passed the Level 2 certified exam through the Court of Master Sommeliers. Now, she'd like to educate you about everything from albariƱos to zinfandels.

On a typical work day, Samantha Capaldi will load up her car with glasses, bags of ice, ice buckets, wine, charcuterie boards, napkins, coasters—and pens. Capaldi isn’t a caterer. Instead, she’s a sommelier who offers in-home wine tastings, geared particularly toward her 20- and 30-something peers.

Capaldi found her wine passion early, launching her business, Samantha Sommelier last year at the age of 24. The California native found her way to in vino veritas while studying at U of A, when she participated in a social media and marketing internship in London. “It allowed me to travel to places like France and Italy,” she explains. “I started sampling wines and was intrigued by food and wine pairings.”

After graduation, Capaldi moved to Scottsdale, where she worked several jobs. A blog she did on food and wine for fun morphed into organizing wine tastings for friends, then a realization that she wanted to steer her career in that direction. Capaldi decided to attend a “wine boot camp,” taking the intensified sommelier training program at the International Culinary Center of California, where she received her Level 2 certification through the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Back in Scottsdale, she opted to work with private clients in their homes, zeroing in on millennials with an easygoing BFF approach to guiding guests through wine tastings. “My wine tastings are very laid-back,” Capaldi explains. “There are a lot of good wines at various price points, and I try to teach people that wine can be an everyday pleasure and not intimidating.”

And the pens she brings to the tastings? For guests to take notes on what they’ve enjoyed.

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