Six Sips to Try at the Arizona Cocktail Week(end)

BY Jessica Dunham | February 12, 2018 | Feature Features

Shake things up with these libations at this weekend's collaborative cocktail party in downtown Phoenix.
Rattle & Rum's Brian Downing will be mixing up Lavender Mules.

This year’s Arizona Cocktail Week(end) (Feb. 17 to 19) is shaping up to be the best ever. It’s been streamlined to one weekend, moved to hip downtown Phoenix venues and will showcase international mixology impresarios from London to New York. Here, we highlight the most cutting-edge cocktails to try.

1. Don’t Fake the Funk
Licorice and molasses blend with vanilla and baked apple, which complement the bright citrus notes. Created by Brian Downing of Rattle & Rum. $12, Rattle & Rum Cocktail Catering, 602.730.1473

2. Southern City Mischief
The ingredients are simple, but the rich flavors are anything but. Lemon, orange juice and brown-butter bourbon bring sweet heat, while orange marmalade adds a touch of tartness. Created by Mat Snapp at Culinary Dropout. $12, multiple Valley locations

3. Déjà Cold Brew
A lovely drink with a pick-me-up, it features muddled strawberries, sweet vermouth, bitters, tonic and Espresso Italia Cold Brew. Created by Ross Simon, bartender and owner at Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour. $12, 1 W. Jefferson St., Phoenix, 602.340.1924

4. Lavender Mule
The gin in this cocktail contains 22 botanicals from Scotland, which pair delightfully with the light floral notes from lavender simple syrup. Created by Downing of Rattle & Rum. $12, Rattle & Rum Cocktail Catering, 602.730.1473

5. Miss Nightingale
No liquor in this; it’s made with the designated driver in mind. Hibiscus juice, lime, grapefruit cinnamon syrup and sage. Shaken and carbonated, garnished with a sage leaf spells heaven. $4, Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour, 1 W. Jefferson St., Phoenix, 602.340.1924

6. Boba Tea
Tito’s Vodka gets an infusion of black tea, along with Chai-spiced vermouth, coconut milk, cinnamon syrup and tapioca pearls, for a cocktail that’s surely one of the most impressive drinks you’ll sample. Created by Phil Clark, head bartender at Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails. $12, 2 E. Jefferson St., Phoenix, 602.258.0231

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