Sharply Dressed

| March 25, 2015 | Parties

The Party
Lafayette 148 New York’s charismatic creative director, Edward Wilkerson, visited Nordstrom to share looks from the brand’s resort collection. Guests browsed the latest issue of Modern Luxury Scottsdale magazine before watching the sophisticated feminine creations go down the runway.

The People
Stylish attendees included Lauren Fitch, Galen Davis, Ingrid Miller, Phyllis Harper Finch, Victor Navarro, Tina Faiz, Angela Keller of Mom Style Lab and the always dapper, bow tie-clad Dan Jones of Nordstrom. Many a fashionista could be seen snapping away with her smartphone to capture favorite looks.

The Scene
A handsome DJ provided a runwayworthy soundtrack as Agency Arizona models paraded standout pieces, including the unique Noella raglan topper made from imported Italian fabric and featuring an attention-grabbing tulip-stand collar. In between providing insights on each style, Wilkerson gave a shoutout to one lucky woman who, he said, had scored the last coveted Noella topper to be found in Scottsdale the day before. The news sent everyone scrambling afterward to ask store clerks how they could put in an order, or when the next shipment would arrive! –Photos by Haute Photography


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