A Paradise Valley Couple Expands their Budding Sartorial Empire to Los Angeles

By Lauren Swanson-Tyda | March 2, 2020 | People


Mitch Sayare and wife Chrissy, who was recently selected as one of the Vogue100 by Vogue

Timing is everything when it comes to launching a successful business and, clearly, it was just right for To Be Continued founders Chrissy and Mitch Sayare.

“We are both entrepreneurs and lovers of luxury,” says Chrissy, who met Mitch in their hometown of Boston back in 2003. “We saw a need in the market to cater to purveyors of high fashion.”


Christian Dior “Be Dior” handle bags

The Paradise Valley natives launched their first two luxury consignment boutiques in Scottsdale in 2014, later expanding to Dallas and, most recently, Los Angeles. “Our newest challenge is deciding where to open our next location!” Chrissy says. Together, they travel the world handcurating pieces from New York to Paris that include classics and emerging designers.

And they’re in exactly the right place. The demand for vintage in recent years, paired with growing eco-awareness, puts the Sayares at the forefront of a multibillion-dollar resale market. And with fashion occupying 10% of the global footprint, the value of purchasing secondhand items by brands like Tory Burch and Gucci could help combat the effects of climate change.



From top: Assorted Chanel jewelry; Hermès bag and Chanel gloves.

“The national consciousness is becoming more attuned to the necessity for sustainable practices when it comes to fashion,” Chrissy says. “Buying only well-made pieces that can be sold and continue on to the next fashion lover and selling what you no longer love play into the practice of sustainable fashion.”

Mitch, a former biotech executive and scientist, says he shares Chrissy’s love for fine pieces “with classic design and excellent craftsmanship,” but he’s happy letting his wife take the spotlight. “I don’t know anyone who is as passionate about fashion as Chrissy is,” he laughs. So what’s the most prized piece in this fashionista’s closet? “That’s tough, as I have a lot of favorites,” she says. “But I’d have to say the crocodile Hermès Constance bag Mitch surprised me with for my 50th birthday.”

Photography by: From top: Alex John Beck/courtesy of chrissy and mitch sayare | all others Travis Seale/courtesy of Chrissy and Mitch Sayare