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| November 11, 2013 | Parties

THE PARTY This year, the Board of the Trends Charitable Fund selected the following organizations to benefit from their fashionable fundraiser: Arizona Helping Hands Inc., Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix, Crossroads Inc., Desert Mission, Kitchen on the Street, Phoenix Rescue Mission, Save the Family, St. Joseph the Worker and Waste Not. THE PEOPLE Marilyn Alexander, Shannon Barthelemy, Joelle Hadley, Lisa James, Lori Larcher, Mari Lederman, Diana Lents, Joyce Santis, Joette Schmidt, Vicki Vaughn, Billie Jo and Judd Herberger THE HIGHLIGHTS Since 1996 the Trends Charitable Fund has provided more than $4 million to charities that are making a direct impact in and around Phoenix. With tickets starting at $300 and a standout group of 2013 honorees and ambassadors to draw a crowd, the evening no doubt added to TCF’s good deeds done. Courtesy Images


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