Justin Colby Explains How People Can Win At Flipping Houses

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | May 10, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


Justin Colby is hailed as one of the most coveted real estate investors in the Phoenix metropolitan area for a reason. He has flipped more than 1,700 homes and is still active at it. Using his years of knowledge and experience in real estate, he has devoted himself to mentoring aspirants and co-founded The Science of Flipping and Phoenix Wealth Builders.

His journey to success wasn’t easy or fast, and he struggled at the start of his venture. With perseverance and will, he was able to overcome the inevitable obstacles that he had to face. After going through such a journey, he knows more than most about how challenging it is for a real estate investor to succeed in their role. That is why he wants the next generation of real estate investors to take the best route and make wise decisions to make the journey less rough.

How to Be Successful at Flipping Houses
No successful person was great right from when they started. At first, they all had doubts about what they should be doing and the path they must take to reach their goals. That is the case when it comes to flipping houses as well, and that’s why skilled mentors are necessary to achieve one’s full potential. Here are Justin Colby’s two most important tips to attain success in real estate.

Look for good deals
One of the biggest struggles in flipping homes is looking for deals, especially ones that can be profitable. There are many things that real estate investors can do: direct marketing, multiple listing service (MLS) or realtors, Cold Calling, Texting, and more. Then the next issue arises, which is where they will look for them, specifically the wholesalers.
For that, they can utilize their connections in social media and join groups where real estate investors gather, like Justin Colby’s Facebook group, The Science of Flipping. Alternatively, they can also check out meetup.com and engage with like-minded individuals.

Get the right contractor
Looking for contractors can be done on social media groups, but what makes this process more complicated than looking for deals is that the investor needs to carefully screen the contractors they find on social media.

Once they find someone who has the potential to be one, they should look for people with who the person has worked and then get information about their skills and level of competence. If the investor is still unsure about the contractor, it will be wise for them to not take on a big project in their first time working together.

It is essential to understand that looking for deals and contractors requires the investor’s own skill in identifying what and whom can be beneficial for their venture. As long as they follow Justin Colby’s tips and add in their personal efforts, their chances of making it big in flipping houses are high. It must be kept in mind that things won’t always go the way it is expected, but that should not be discouraging, and one must keep pushing hard to achieve success. Justin Colby is active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn where he connects with his audience.

Photography by: Justin Colby