How You Can Fulfill Your Life's Purpose Through Meaningful Investments with Matson Money

By Matson Money By Matson Money | November 30, 2022 | Lifestyle Sponsored Post


As a frequent contributor to Fox Business and Forbes, Founder, and CEO, Mark Matson, has become a driving force in the financial industry. His company, Matson Money, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, is committed to instilling a fundamental belief in its clients: purpose can transform actions and attitudes around money. With an academic advisory board composed of economists, statisticians, and even Nobel Prize and Presidential Medal of Freedom winners, Matson aims to educate eager investors on how they can align an investment strategy with their life purpose.

Matson aspired to be just like his childhood hero, his father. As a young boy, Matson watched his father’s financial planning career in insurance flourish. He looked forward to days spent in the office, soaking up every bit of knowledge his hero could share. “I watched my father help thousands of families through the years; I knew I’d go to college, get a degree in finance and accounting and live out my [childhood] dream to be in the financial industry,” Matson states.

adx-7-21-batch-2-6969_(1).jpgThe founder and CEO had no assets when he started his financial firm; as of November 2022, he now handles over $9 billion in Assets Under Management.

Since Matson Money’s establishment, the firm’s core mission has remained the same: to empower clients by putting their families’ interests, dreams, and purpose front and center. “We provide a distinct investing experience that can leave clients with freedom, fulfillment, and love.” Meaningful financial planning happens when it supports someone’s personal life mission. That’s why this founder remains steadfast in encouraging each client to pursue their dreams while having confidence in their investment strategy.

The financial firm’s approach to success is centered on extensive academic and Nobel Prize-winning investment science. Incorporating key principles from a myriad of fields including behavioral economics, advanced statistics, and human performance, The Matson Method (an innovative system of algorithms and methodologies created by the founder) is rooted in knowledge of asset allocation and long-term wealth creation. With additional guidance from a robust academic advisory board, Matson Money is committed to transforming an investor’s relationship to money.

adx-7-21-batch-2-7081_(1)-0001.jpgInstead of stock-picking, market-timing, or encouraging clients to gamble with their financial future, Matson Money coaches investors to be prudent in their investing strategy. “We’ve never once wavered in our message that free markets work, and we’ve been willing to sacrifice profits and perks to tell investors the truth no matter what,” Matson emphasizes.

Beyond his devoted clientele, Matson regularly trains families through personal coaching and financial educational programs such as The American Dream Experience. The breakthrough 2-day event outlines The Matson Method, creating an interactive learning experience for attendees to cultivate their own American Dream via academic investing principles. Those interested can attend virtually January 26-27, 2023. When asked what’s next in his career, Matson excitedly shares that his new educational event titled Life on Purpose will be debuting in 2023. Those ready to gain clarity on what their life purpose is and take action in investing will be personally guided by Matson on this exciting path toward discovery.

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