Head to the Sugar Factory in San Diego for Chocolate Gold Fondue with Dom Pérignon

| August 16, 2019 | Food & Drink

Indulge in opulence with this rich chocolate experience—and then top it off with a crisp glass of Dom Pérignon.

“We wanted to create an indulgent, over-the-top fondue that no one had ever experienced before,” says Sugar Factory American Brasserie’s corporate executive chef, Bryan Ogden. “The presentation is a beautiful chocolate fondue served with gold-dusted and gold-leaf treats. We thought that only [a bottle of] Dom Pérignon and a 50-year-old cognac could complete the chocolate and gold experience.” Not just any half-century-old cognac, either, but a glass of Hardy Noces d’Or 50 Year. As any chef will tell you, intrinsic to enjoying the dining experience is the presentation—and the Chocolate Gold Fondue certainly does not disappoint. Prepared tableside, “rich, dark chocolate ganache is warmed up and then poured over the chocolate sphere,” says Ogden. “The fondue is served with edible housemade gold-coated items, including chocolate nuggets, truffles, gummy bears, strawberries, chocolate cupcakes and homemade chocolate bars.” The chocolate extravaganza doesn’t stop there—guests also take home a goody bag filled with a box of handcrafted chocolates, a package of signature housemade macarons and a giant 2-pound chocolate bar. The price tag for this indulgence? $1,000. Serves up to six, reservations required 48 hours in advance, 701 Fifth Ave., 619.814.2225


Photography by: anne watson/the sugar factory