"Go Figure" at Wilde Meyer Gallery

| September 23, 2014 | Calendar

“Go Figure” will be opening to celebrate the Scottsdale 40th Anniversary ArtWalk. This show will examine how artists approach figurative works.

Sherri Belassen approaches figures, whether human or animal, with a contemporary layered and abstracted approach. Feet are attenuated, bodies stretched to exaggerated lengths, and represented as angular patterned planes. Earl Linderman paints humans in storytelling settings, flying airplanes, driving fast cars - living the high life of romance and intrigue. Monica Rossa’s style is softer. Sometimes her young women’s’ ethereal bodies seem to have no underlying bone structure, but are instead supported by the atmospheric background. Sculptor Tony Dow’s bronze sculptures show the essence of human figures, caught in moments of time, vaulting, diving or performing other athletic feats. Also showing are Jim Nelson, Linda Carter Holman, Ana Marini, Joseph Young and Andrea Peterson, Thom Ross, along with others.


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