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Alyse Greenbaum Alyse Greenbaum | August 24, 2020 | Home & Real Estate Sponsored Post Home & Real Estate

Poetzl Architecture + Design brings the heat with stand-out luxury residences.


Poetzl Architecture + Design truly builds to impress. Based in Phoenix, Ariz., this high-end architectural firm was founded in 2015 by licensed architect Jon Poetzl, whose love for drawing and problem solving led to a career in architecture and design. “Architecture allows me to use both sides of the brain to create functional art,” says Poetzl.

After graduating with a BS in Architecture from Arizona State University, Poetzl joined the small custom residential architecture firm, George W. Christensen. During his six years working as a project manager, Poetzl became fluent in large residential projects around the southwest. He then ventured into a new endeavor by becoming a co-founding partner at Carson Poetzl, Inc. After 11 years, he started his own firm to continue his specialization in custom state-of-the-art residential designs. Today, Poetzl Architecture + Design takes architecture to a whole new level of luxury.

Poetzl’s integrative, communicative approach to creating projects establishes a path for quality designs. “I believe that a successful design is achieved through constant communication of not only the things that work, but also the things that don’t work,” he says. “Providing images that show the direction can also make sure that everyone is on the same page.” Poetzl’s project undertakings, whether it be anything from Valley Vistas and Modern Rustic Ranches to Mid Century Redeaux and Boutique Commercial projects, exemplifies his architectural talents and versatility. “I like working in all shapes, sizes and styles,” he says. “Great design can be achieved no matter what label is placed on it.”


On top of building breathtaking designs, Poetzl builds trusting relationships with his clients. Since each client brings their own wants and needs, Poetzl makes it a priority to be attentive to the fine details that go into constructing architectural feats. “As a small firm, the client will get me and my attention throughout the entire process,” he says. “I love touching all of the different phases that create a finished project.” The highest accolade for Poetzl Architecture + Design is having clients return for multiple projects. “Coming back a second, third or even fourth time means that the relationship and process was successful to keep it going,” says Poetzl. With a pristine attention to detail and a unique creative direction to guide each project, it is no surprise that clients keep coming back for more from Poetzl Architecture + Design.


Jon Poetzl
5070 N. 40th St., Ste. 130, Phoenix, AZ 85018
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Photography by: Poetzl Architecture + Design