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BY Nora Burba Trulsson and Taylor Transtrum | May 7, 2018 | Feature Features National

These Valley tastemakers and trendsetters know a thing or two about keeping up appearances. Here, they share their secrets to looking and feeling like a million bucks.

Gabriele Bertaccini
He’s charming, devastatingly handsome and whips up a mean bowl of truffle pasta. Is there anything “Chef Gabe” can’t do?

Chef Gabe Bertaccini exudes exuberant energy and Italian charm—this despite a career as a private chef, where events often run until 2am, and a side gig as a Spin instructor that has him waking a few hours later to teach a crack-of-dawn class. Born in Florence, Italy, where he went to culinary school, Bertaccini came to Arizona on a vacation in 2005 and was smitten enough to study at ASU. He launched Il Tocco Food and a sister company, Culinary Mischief, a few years later, through which he creates exclusive dinner parties and invite-only popup dining adventures, respectively. When he’s not teaching at Scottsdale’s Flywheel, Bertaccini, 32, keeps endorphins pumping by taking a road bike down to South Mountain Park. “It’s an Italian thing,” he says. “We love cycling.” When he can, Bertaccini tries to carve out some chill time and sticks to an unfussy grooming routine. “I love coming home to a peaceful environment—even though I’m not home that much.”

1 “When I can’t ride outdoors, I Spin at home. Riding is my decompression chamber.” RevMaster Pro, $1,399, by LeMond at

2 “It vibrates, so it’s much better than a standard roller. I use it to loosen up my neck and back.” Vyper 2.0, $199,

3 “This gives my hair texture like I’ve been surfing, even if I do live in the desert.” Gold Lust dry shampoo, $44,

4 “Arizona is so dry. I use this overnight to hydrate my skin.” B Triple C facial balancing gel, $120,

5 “I put a little of this under my eyes for puffiness and dark circles. It keeps me from looking tired.” Caffeine solution, $7,

6 “I think that after 30, you need one fragrance that people know you by. This is my signature scent.” Oud Minerale, $230,

Photo by Constance Higley

Lauren Garcia
Expecting her second child, this busy mother and fashion blogger spills on how she fits in a fitness and beauty regimen with her hectic schedule.

Fashion blogger and expecting mother Lauren Garcia of What Lola Likes has created her own formula for prioritizing self-care while balancing a bustling career and pregnancy. “Fitness used to play a more important role until I had [my first daughter] Vivienne,” she says. “Now, its finding the time to fit exercise in my busy schedule [during this pregnancy].” Garcia says that Vivienne helps by keeping her active. Her favorite workouts these days are walks with her daughter and hiking Piestewa Peak whenever she has the opportunity. Since she doesn’t wear much makeup outside of photo shoots, Garcia takes pride in her skincare routine, opting for natural and organic products only. “I have committed to getting a facial every four weeks for about five years now and have recently introduced microneedling into my life (pre-pregnancy),” she says. “I’ve noticed it’s the little steps we take that make all the difference.”

1 “My heaven! I use both as a daily cleanser and rich mask. It gives your skin nourishment and hydration.” The Honey Mud, 3.38 fl. oz. for $90, maylindstrom.‌com

2 “The perfect sneaker for running errands, taking a stroll around the block or going on a couple-mile run. Plus, how beautiful is this shoe?” Techloom Pro in white/rose gold/melange, $160,

3 “My facialist introduced me to light therapy, and I have been loving the results. I take a few minutes while laying in bed at night to help heal blemishes and minimize future breakouts.” LightStim for Acne, $169

4 “My secret weapon! Add the mask to your eyes before bed, and you wake up a new woman. Goodbye, baggy eyes!” Boosted contouring eye mask, 0.5 fl. oz. for $120,

5 “These wireless headphones are the key to any successful workout, hike or travel day.” Beats Studio3 wireless, $350

Photo by Jennica Maes, Maes Photography

Chrissy Kazis Sayare
A busy boutique owner finds time to take care of mind, body and soul.

When it comes to fashion, beauty and health, Chrissy Kazis Sayare—owner of luxury consignment boutique To Be Continued (Hilton Village, 6137 N. Scottsdale Road)—has the same philosophy. “I think that dressing well and presenting yourself well is an extremely important part of feeling strong psychologically,” she says. “When I feel beautiful, I put my best self forward and feel more likely to accomplish my goals. It feels empowering to feel as pretty as I can possibly be.” An advocate for a well-rounded regimen, this fashionista and entrepreneur makes sure to prioritize a healthy lifestyle, even with a crazy work schedule, by getting up early every morning to workout. For 30 years, she was an avid runner; then she switched to hot yoga for 12 years. And now? “I am addicted to Spin!” she says. Sayare’s best beauty secret, however, comes from within. “Try not to worry,” she advises. “It gives you wrinkles and hijacks joy.”

1 “I love the volume and length this mascara gives my lashes.” Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara, $30

2 “Oversize sunglasses can cover a lot of sins.” Black-and-white acetate oversized Baroque sunglasses, $235, by Prada at To Be Continued

3 “I take my Birkin everywhere with me. It carries all my essentials when I travel, including more practical things, like my laptop and passport.” Birkin 30 cm Jaune Swift leather, $12,515, by Hermès at To Be Continued

4 “I cycle religiously to clear my mind and try to keep in shape! When I’m traveling, I always find a SoulCycle or Flywheel nearby.” Cycling shoes, $125,

5 “This is my little indulgence.” Sublimage la crème, 1.7 fl. oz. for $400, by Chanel at Neiman Marcus, Scottsdale Fashion Square

Photo by Windsor Dalton

Deividas Molocajevas
Good looks and great food run in the family for this model and restaurant owner.

Lithuanian-born restaurateur and model Deividas Molocajevas credits his looks and penchant for healthy living to genetics—his mother, Sonata, was a model and Dad is a nutritionist. But the drive to succeed—balancing the running of sleek, Eastern European-influenced Sonata’s Restaurant (10050 N. Scottsdale Road, Ste. 127, Scottsdale, 480.477.1390) in Scottsdale and modeling for Ford/Robert Black Agency–—is all his. Molocajevas, 25, opened the restaurant with his family (including his stepfather who’s acted as a mentor) in 2016, supervising its design and construction, and joined the modeling agency the same year. “I’ve been a groom in photo shoots seven times,” quips Molocajevas. “When I’m ready to get married, I’ll know who to call.” He keeps his energy up with morning rituals of fresh-pressed juice, brain-healthy supplements and workouts at The Village, followed by a sauna. Grooming products? Simple and natural. Motto? “I like to push my body and mind to the extreme. If you’re not in over your head, you don’t know how tall you are.”

1 “My girlfriend gave me this a few years ago, and it seems to suit me.” Eau Fraiche, $82, by Versace Man at Sephora, Scottsdale Fashion Square

2 “My stylist recommended this—keeps everything in place.” Fiber Pomade, 4 oz. for $18,

3 “My friends make [the Skin From Scratch] line from natural products. I feel like I could practically eat the pumpkin macadamia hydration cream.” 6 fl. oz. cream for $36, 50-minute facial for $95, by Skin From Scratch at SugarSugar, North Scottsdale

4 “It’s a slow juicer, so it preserves more of the nutrients and enzymes.” H-AA, from $439,

5 “I like to stay sharp and learn at a high rate of efficiency.” Omega 3 fish oil, $40, arazonutrition.‌com

Photo by Chad Johansson

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