Budding Trend: CBD Is Making Its Way Into Local Beauty Treatments

BY Dena Roché | March 15, 2019 | Feature Features

We're always looking for a magic pill to cure what ails us and a fountain of youth to make us appear perpetually 29. Cannabidiol (CBD) just might be it. Said to have a multitude of benefits—from pain relief and decreased anxiety to improved skin—it's no wonder local spas and skincare purveyors are jumping on the, shall we say, budding trend.
Westin Agave Spa now offers CBD oil upgrades to their massages.

1. ONE13
Bring the pain relief of a CBD massage home with ONE13, an organic topical cream made in Arizona. Using patented technology that increases skin absorption, ONE13 is an ideal tool to use between regular spa visits to reduce pain and inflammation. $40

2. Prince and Flower Skincare
Two years in development, this Scottsdale-based skincare line launched its line of hemp oil beauty products recently. Hemp and CBD both come from the same plant. Try the moisturizing face cream ($40) and self-foaming face mask ($40) or Intensive anti-cellulite body lotion ($50).

3. Shréa Night Cream
For 20 years, Phoenician Amy Donohue got compliments on her skin by using skincare her sister developed. When Donohue got into the cannabis industry, she medicated her sister’s formula, and Shréa was born. Because pure CBD is a powerful antioxidant, the cream protects skin from free radicals and wrinkles. From $30

4. The Village Spa
Located in Village Health Clubs and Spas, The Village Spa offers CBD oil as an upgrade to any of its massages and uses an organic, vegan, coconut-based oil. The benefits of the Village Signature Massage are more pronounced and longer lasting than standard massage alone. Various locations, $25 upgrade to any massage

5. Westin Agave Spa
Agave Spa is the first Scottsdale resort spa to offer CBD services. Guests can add the herb extract to most massages on the menu. This wellness oasis uses creams and oils from Mary’s Nutritionals, and they are available for purchase in the shop. $19 upgrade to any massage

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