5 Of The Freshest Takes On Margaritas In The Valley

BY Taylor Transtrum | April 20, 2017 | Feature Cocktails

Whether it's Cinco de Mayo or simply Margarita Monday, there's never a bad time to enjoy a fresh take on this beloved lime classic.

1. Modern Margarita

From more traditional flavors, such as the “OG” rita, to eclectic flavors — like “hot mango” (mango puree and jalapeno agave) and “up in smoke” (made with barrel-smoked maple syrup) — Modern Margarita’s inventive interpretations of the classic cocktail live up to its namesake. 5410 E. High St., Phoenix, 602.795.8111

2. Cien Agaves

With each drink made from fresh-pressed limes and housemade simple syrup, there’s no wonder why Cien Agaves is known for its margs. While we may love the avocado margarita, which pairs two of the best culinary components of Mexican cuisine (avocados and margaritas, duh) together in holy matrimony, at long last, there are plenty of other options to choose from. And, if you really love margaritas, there’s even a whopping 56-ounce one (“The Gigante”) with your name on it. 7228 E. 1st Ave., Scottsdale, 480.970.9002

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