Lunch with Ballsfest

BY | June 6, 2019 | Parties

On Thursday, May 17, in a packed house at the Wrigley Mansion, Ballsfest hosted, “Lunch with Ballsfest”, where they provided the attendees an update on their mission, and they inducted a new Baller to the Baller’hood, Brody Dick. Brody is a 9 year old Baller who is battling Cancer at Banner Cardons in Mesa, and has quite the treatment road ahead. Ballsfest recognized Brody’s courage and strength with a fun roasting, and then gifted him with a package of Apple products and a shopping spree at LEGO!

Ballsfest is a rapidly growing non-profit organization that lifts the spirits of children, young adults, and their families battling cancer. Those they support, they don’t call them patients or beneficiaries, they call them, “Ballers”. Ballsfest is in 5 states, and is based in Scottsdale, AZ. - Photos by Chris Loomis Photography

Photography Courtesy Of: Photos by Chris Loomis Photography